Sunday, 22 July 2012

Germany is paymaster in European crisis

Policy issues in the euro crisis - With an "exceptional circumstances" justified the Finance Minister today in the Bundestag, the billions of aid for the Spanish banks. Looking at the last months of the crisis, European politics, can not escape the impression that in the euro area is a state of emergency gradually become the norm. Under the bailout, it is getting tight: Greeks, Irishmen, Portuguese, Spanish and Cypriots have now sought refuge there. If the heavily indebted Italy to come, the money should be just the relief fund. The growing danger of a European conflagration. Since it is understandable that
more and more parliamentarians begin to doubt whether the euro crisis is to fight with more and more auxiliary billion. The number of 97 dissenting votes in parliament yesterday makes this growing unease not entirely clear: Many deputies agreed only with great reservations for Bank assistance. When the citizens solidifies the impression that the policy in the euro crisis of an emergency rescue operation to the next tumbles - without a plan for long-term strategy. And that Germany is the paymaster of Europe. This results in a fatal anti-European sentiment can grow. Even so it is time for solutions that take longer than a few weeks. Expensive it is in any case.

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