Saturday, 7 July 2012

Euro-rescue Merkel calls Gauck of plain text in the crisis

Joachim Gauck, Angela Merkel (in February): "Sometimes it is difficult to explain".
President Gauck directed by TV interview admonishing words to Angela Merkel. The Chancellor must explain to the citizens of the euro rescue better: "It is our duty to describe in detail what that means." Merkel's critics, who complain to the Constitutional Court, he says.

Berlin - Angela Merkel is to explain to the citizens of the euro rescue in all the details better. The President has called Joachim Gauck in the ZDF Summer interview. "She now has the obligation to describe in great detail, what this means, also means fiscally." The overall policy would communicate sometimes too little, Gauck said in the interview. "Sometimes it is difficult to explain what is at stake. And sometimes lack the energy to say the population is very open to what actually happens." He could help there.

But Gauck is not entirely satisfied with the Chancellor. On the contrary. He regarded her work with great respect, he said. "I could not do what they can and what it does right now."
Gauck had praise, however, even for those left, who before the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe has filed suit against the Fiscal Pact and the European Stability Mechanism (ESM). Say, for opponents of Merkel's crisis policy. "The plaintiffs have every right to bring their concerns to express," said Gauck. He has intensively dealt with the complaints and demand. "I am glad that this will happen." He would like to see a broad social debate.

Next Tuesday, the judges in Karlsruhe negotiate on the urgent requests. A decision by the highest German court is expected in July.

Very self-critical Gauck was looking back on his statement of April, after which he had no concerns about the constitutionality of the German Euro-rescue course. "There would have been more cautious approach me well," the President said now. He pointed to ZDF's information but that his statement at the time of the interview was spontaneous and was not planned. The words were interpreted as patronizing him at the time of the court.

The results of the Brussels EU summit last week, according to the Gauck rated television station in the German view as not to be negative. In negotiations and disputes rarely sit through a full page, financial problems would need concessions. For the Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, it was obviously important to "return home and to demonstrate to its people to act," said Gauck. "For me to hear but it is important that not all of them swam and skins are not that red lines are crossed."

The television interview on Sunday with Gauck is sent at 19.10 clock in full, the "Today" show had already reported it on Saturday.

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